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Project: Ekatvam (Eng)

With Ekazvam, we introduce a new way of farming.


The word Ekatvam means ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Farm of the future

Ekatvam is an innovative and futuristic solution for the growing world population. Ekatvam promotes biodiversity, healthy food, healthy animals. And as a result, healthy people.

All in One

In one place with different sections we have all the domestic animals together in a state of the art shaped glass building. The building itself is an outstanding technological wonder equipped with the latest domotic system with sensors and camera’s enabling 24 hours data collecting for research.

The building has an inbuild lab to translate the big data in meaningful information. Around the premises of the glass, building is a fish tank with islands for the animals. Under the building and around the building is water with fishes and medicinal water plants. The nearby meadow is full with the herb-rich grass to provide the animals delicious and healthy food.


The goal of Ekatvam is to:

  • make a new farm that produces energy
  • maintains biodiversity
  • continuously evaluate and adapt itself
  • is an experience for the consumer
  • can be built anywhere
  • is a Dutch Agri idea for the World